Introducing Cannabidiols your CBD Introduction

So, you’re curious about CBD?

Allow us the introduce cannabidiols, your CBD Introduction by pHAZE Naturals

If you haven’t heard, CBD is making it’s statement in the world of health and natural medicine. There are an array of products out there that are changing the lives of consumers. Especially, those who have experienced some of the potentially negative side effects of pharmaceuticals.


pHAZE Naturals was created and designed to introduce CBD products into your life in the most individualistic way.  We as humans desire and seek “balance” in our lives. A key component to balance, one that is often overlooked, begins INSIDE OF YOU. Forget about all external factors for a moment and let’s zoom in on the internal. Gaining balance in your system is a certain benefit of using CBD, and will be the focus of our CBD Introduction.


When there is balance within you, you feel better. When you feel better, how you think, act, interact, communicate, work, etc. is just overall better.


Whether you are new to the incredible health benefits of CBD or are looking into specifics in upping dosage, there is a phase of pHAZE Naturals CBD products for you. As always, it is important to consult a doctor to see what is best for you.


Before we get into how pHAZE Naturals provides you with the exact CBD products that would suit you and your desires, it’s important to learn and educate yourself on WHY these products are so POWERFUL in the human body.


We are only as good as the information our medical professionals are able to provide to us. However, as with anything, there is always some misinformation out there and a lot of that revolves around the stigma surrounding products derived from cannabis.  We as humans have more power within our own bodies to feel our best than most exogenous resources are able to provide us with. The main reason why cannabis is such a magical plant that can be used as a supplement for the human body is because we all have something called the mammalian endogenous cannabinoid system.


You may not realize this, but this system was named after the feel good plant, cannabis, not vice versa. When people began to get what we now call “stoned” or “high” scientists wanted to figure out the WHY behind it.

WHY is this plant so powerful and why does it produce such a “high” feeling?! Through their research, they discovered the most plentiful system within the human body, the cannabinoid system.

You may be thinking something like “yeah right, that can’t be real.” Well, we are here to tell you, this is very real! Products like CBD oil and CBD topicals enhance this system.

There is a stigma towards cannabis, a stigma that may have steered you clear of wanting to experience the natural, healing benefits of CBD. However, with the proper education and if used responsibly, it can improve your quality of life in more ways than one.


Science does not have much to do with the plant itself, rather the plant can trigger the cannabinoid system within us, which in itself can create tremendous change in the human body.  It is important to note that CBD is not a cure all, rather it enhances the act of eating well, moving often, and caring for our minds and bodies on a daily basis.


I am sure through either a documentary, a show, a movie, or maybe even a close friend or relative, you have heard an anecdote of how cannabis cured or helped mitigate the pain of something a human body was experiencing. We hear success stories about cancer, alzheimers, and body traumas that cannabis assisted in managing pain, which made it possible to stay away from highly addictive, processed, concentrated, and harmful pharmaceuticals.


The difficulty with proving the science remains in the ability to get it out there.

There are over 20,000 published articles on the science surrounding the mammalian endogenous cannabinoid system and its capacity to help you heal. Take a look for yourself!


This is where neuroplasticity comes in. Have you heard of it?! Prepare to be fascinated.


It is intersystemic communication adapting to any stimulus you offer the body at any given time of your life, no matter your age or health status. Most of the main cannabinoid receptors are located throughout your central nervous system. Your central nervous system includes your brain, your brain stem, and your spinal cord. Cannabinoid receptors type 1 are found in the central nervous system and can take in THC, CBD, Beta-Caryophyllene and other cannabinoids.


These can all produce a type of intersystemic communication from the central nervous system to the peripheral nervous system, most notably, the immune system. This is why CBD is incredibly impactful to the human body.


We are not saying this in itself is going to make all these dramatic changes but it does mediate and mitigate. There are two neurotransmitters that are known to move “rebelliously” or in a retrograde fashion in the human body. These are dopamine and serotonin, which we hear about in depression, anxiety, and autoimmune disorders. Both of these secretions are mediated by cannabinoids.


Now, especially in the times of COVID, CBD products are becoming more and more prevalent because of the natural, positive impacts it can have on these disorders.

Back to the science…

As soon as dopamine and serotonin are secreted into your brain, there is a so-called “clean up crew” that gets called to action. This clean up crew then assesses what just happened in the brain and then finds a way to meet this same stimulus in a way that is just slightly more efficient and effective than the first time. So, the more this system is activated, the better it becomes.


This system, the cannabinoid system, has the capacity to communicate with EVERY system in the body. These cannabinoid receptors are in every tissue in the body, so just fathom how impactful this can truly be.


How interesting is that!


This neuroplastic process is governed and mediated by the endogenous cannabinoid system in or out of the presence of the cannabis plant. However, this system can be enhanced with the supplementation of CBD. Without the plant, we would have never discovered such a magical, impressive system that every mammal on this earth has.


This is the future of medicine.

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