CBD and Terpenes, More on the Undeniable Entourage Effect

CBD (cannabidiol), is a natural compound found in the flower of cannabis plants that have therapeutic properties confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world. Due to its popularity and benefits, it has become well known to medical professionals and patients. Research into Full Spectrum CBD and Terpenes and their medicinal effects has proven them useful for a wide variety of health issues.

It has been discovered that simply pure CBD may not offer the most effective possible healing results. According to www.cannibustech.com, “A growing number of researchers believe these substances (CBD and/or THC) produce superior results when administered in a more natural form, either together or in combination with other chemical compounds found in cannabis plants like the minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.”

Such compounds are referenced to as full-spectrum products. Medical effects become enhanced when multiple cannabis compounds are consolidated. This is known as the entourage effect (Read more on the Entourage Effect).

Researchers who work in connection with the cannabis industry believe the entourage effect can greatly increase the medicinal aspects of CBD, either by maximizing their known effects or by increasing its healing properties. Unfortunately, presently research into the effects of distinct cannabinoid-terpene combinations is limited.

Per www.cannibustech.com, “One 2018 meta-analysis did reveal that pure CBD extracts were far less
effective in reducing the occurrence of seizures in epilepsy patients than extracts that included a mixture of cannabis cannabinoids, including terpenes.

While 71 percent of those who took the mixed preparation had fewer seizures, only 46 percent of those treated with pure CBD experienced the same result.”

With more research and studies, the entourage effect will be proven. Still, with the research that is starting to accumulate, we can presume that the entourage effect is real.

What are CBD and terpenes?

Terpenes are the fragrant compounds found in plants and herbs.  They give plants their scents.

For example, terpenes make lavender smell like lavender. They are commonly used in perfumes, lotions, and some
foods. Recently, terpenes have been associated with cannabis plants, which contain over 200 different terpenes (www.discovermagazine.com).

Many terpenes are considered bioactive, meaning they can affect the body when ingested. Terpenes have a positive influence on our health emotionally, physically, and mentally. That is the reason why they are used in aromatherapy and essential oils. They impact our stress levels, mood, and other health standards.

The benefits of terpenes in CBD are endless.

Common Terpenes Found in CBD


Found in: the essential oil of black pepper, oregano, other edible herbs, green leafy vegetables, and various cannabis strains

Health Benefits: gastro-protective, good for treating ulcers, and used as a therapeutic compound for inflammatory conditions and auto-immune disorders


Found in: the Tumeric plant, cannabis

Health Benefits: powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant


Found in: sage and rosemary, cannabis

Health Benefits: has slightly sedative, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties induce drowsiness and reduce anxiety


Found in: mangoes, hops, thyme, lemongrass, basil, cannabis

Health Benefits: anti-inflammatory, sedative, muscle relaxer


Found in: thai basils, cloves, cinnamon leaves, black pepper, cannabis

Health Benefits: treats anxiety and depression, anti-inflammatory


Found in: hops, coriander, cloves, basil, cannabis

Health Benefits: anti-inflammatory properties, suppresses appetite


Found in: citrus, cannabis

Health Benefits: elevates mood, relieves stress, antifungal and antibacterial properties, improves absorption of other terpenes and chemicals through the skin


Found in: lavender, coriander, cannabis

Health Benefits: relieves stress, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, treats anxiety and psychosis, can boost the immune system, and greatly reduces lung inflammation


Found in: orange peels, pine needles, basil, parsley, cannabis

Health Benefits: anti-inflammatory, counters short term memory loss, improves airflow to your lungs, promotes alertness

As a CBD consumer, it is imperative to know the diverse benefits of terpenes found in cannabis products so you can make an educated purchase based on the health benefits that you are seeking. Luckily, a lot of progress has been made to classify terpenes and their effects for patients.

Specific aromas are consistent with certain strains of the cannabis plant, which can correspond to the plant’s positive health effects. Although there is still a lot to learn, huge efforts are being made in the cannabis industry to prove how beneficial CBD products truly are.

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