The pHAZES of pHAZE Naturals

Here at pHAZE Naturals, we offer flexibility and choice when it comes to your CBD needs.

Our CBD products currently comes in different potency pHAZEs. Which pHAZE you choose to use depends on your personal health goals and the severity of your individual and combined symptoms.

We know everybody requires a different amount of CBD concentrate because your body is utterly unique to you. This is why we have structured our oils (and other products)into three different levels of potency to provide you with the right CBD  for you and your body.

Find your ideal dosage with our flexible “pHAZE Naturals” pHAZEs.

Meet our pHAZES

How much CBD concentrate your body needs depends on, well…YOU!


From 1 mg to 33 mg per recommended serving

Minimum dose of CBD per recommended serving.

Recommended for Users who:

- Are new to CBD
- Have a mild need for CBD

With a max CBD of just 33mg per serving, pHAZE 1 (p1) is our lowest-potency CBD pHAZE and is a common starting point for most first-time CBD users.

pHAZE 1 CBD uses: 

Our full range of pHAZE 1 products are made with a low dosage for those with mild needs.

CBD oil at this concentration helps to promote whole-body wellness by working in conjunction with your endocannabinoid system.

Take 1-2 drops per serving, and simply watch your cannabinoid receptors soak up all of that CBD goodness, leaving you in a state of blissful numbness.

If you respond well to our pHAZE 1 products, then you may never need to go any higher.

 To explore our CBD pHAZE 1 products, check out our full range here.

 However, if  you find yourself needing more oil after just a couple of hours, it may be time to consider jumping to our next phase of CBD oils, pHAZE 2.


From 34 mg to 99 mg per recommended serving

Minimum dose of CBD per recommended serving.

Recommended for Users who:

- Need a bit more of a boost
- Have a more than mild need for CBS

With a max CBD dosage of 34 – 99mg per serving, our pHAZE 2 products are our mid-range offering.

pHAZE 2 Uses:

You might find yourself considering this pHAZE if you need more of a boost than our pHAZE 1 products offer, or that require a higher dosage.

As you would with any prescription, it is best to move through our pHAZEs and increase your dosage according to how you feel. Monitor how you feel closely, and listen to what your body is telling you. If you need to increase or decrease, you will know.

 To explore our CBD pHAZE 2 products, check out our full range here.

Still desire more, look into our pHAZE 3 product line.


100mg and up, per recommended serving

Minimum dose of CBD per recommended serving.

Recommended for Users who:

- Need the ultimate in relief
- Have a pretty strong need for CBD

With a minimum CBD dosage of 100mg per serving, our pHAZE 3 products offer the highest concentration of CBD to provide the ultimate solution.

pHAZE 3 Uses:

 If you’re struggling with the issues, or have ongoing chronic health issues that you haven’t managed to find a cost-effective reliable solution for, then our pHAZE 3 CBD oil and various products might be the best option for you.

 Some bodies feel a wave of relief at our higher pHAZEs of CBD.

Wherever you end up in your pHAZE journey largely depends on you listening to your body and how you feel after each milestone.

Figuring out YOUR perfect pHAZE

When deciding which pHAZE of CBD oil to take, it’s important to note that CBD oil stays in your system for about 4-6 hours. So, if you’re looking for a quick fix that burns off within a short time, not a drawn out boost, then we recommend choosing something other than CBD oil. It might also be helpful to watch for shifts in mood or pain after that time frame.

Starting at a lower pHAZE and gradually increasing while monitoring your symptoms is what most people do when figuring out what CBD pHAZE works best with their body. Having the flexibility of different pHAZES allows you more choice for those times when your body might need a little more or a little less CBD.

With very few and mild side effects, starting low and gradually increasing your CBD pHAZE poses minimal risk of side effects. You might find that you feel better at a lower pHAZE because your body metabolizes CBD differently than others. Or, you might find you could benefit from a little bit more CBD per serving and opt for a higher pHAZE.

CBD is not FDA approved. What that means is that there are no recommended daily values for CBD oils and tinctures. What works best for you is largely based on how YOU feel. If you have any questions about our CBD products and what to consider, we are happy to help you. You can visit our article section for the latest information and research on CBD oils.

Remember, stay in tune with your body and trust how you feel when using pHAZE Naturals, and you’ll be walking on air in no time…


Our CBD comes from US grown industrial hemp, which is processed in an FDA-registered and ISO 9001 certified facility. What that means to you is that our products are consistent and accurate. Our pHAZES give you flexibility and choice when it comes to picking the right CBD to meet your needs.