H.O.P.E. Program

At pHAZE, we believe that every person deserves easy access to the products that enhance their quality of life. We understand that these products can be too costly to some, which is why we created the H.O.P.E. Program.  HOPE or Help One Person Everyday is our minimum daily goal.  Our ultimate goal is to give our products to every person who cannot provide for themselves. 

We furiously believe in our products and know without a doubt how powerfully beneficial they have been to our users.


pHAZE Naturals HOPE Program


Our current world is a difficult world to live in for some.  Job losses, health concerns, the skyrocketing costs of healthcare costs (including insurance) and many other outside, uncontrollable influences have left so many with the inability to even obtain the bare necessities, nevermind getting the CBD products that could greatly improve their health and mental well being.

pHAZE is here to help and we would like to offer our products to those in need at no cost.  No cost, no obligations to buy in the future, no need to give us your credit card, no fees whatsoever.

We do have a simple requirement to qualify for the program, however.  We will need the below form filled out completely, including your email and mailing address.  Further, please be as descriptive as possible on why/how you think CBD will benefit you.